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The 1920’s Rehab floors are DONE!!!

Hello everyone, 

The hardwood floors are all done being cleaned, sanded and sealed..

Here is a pic showing bedroom 1 before “any” work was done at all. 

Now here is the same room after all patching, paint and the hardwood floors are done ! The farthest room is the room above which is Bed 1. The closet room in this pic is the Parlor which is not seen in pic 1 .. 

Wow what a difference !!!


I hope you are enjoying this blog about our first rehab.I sell all sizes and ages of homes but older homes are my favorite. I always wonder what is this home’s story? Who lived here over the years and what was happening in our country at the time it was built etc. 

Thank you! Call me Sue B. 515-778-5688 if you have any real estate questions or needs.

I am your “Gal” in Real Estate.















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