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Our new venture, rehabbing a 1920’s home! Update…

Hello FB Peeps, 

It’s been awhile since I have updated you! A much needed trip to warmer weather took place in Jan. 

Since returning we have been getting bids for siding for the garage and all new windows for the house. The bids tend to vary somewhat but are within 3,000 range of each other. When spring finally gets here we will be ready to side the garage and get those new windows in the house !! 

All the rooms on the main floor are painted and the next project for the interior is refinishing the hardwood floors. They are in great shape so once they are done I am confident that they will be beautiful!!!

Also there is an entire upstairs to be redone! Its complete with its own kitchen, bathroom and private entrance! You will not believe the before and after pics on that level once we get started up there… Yikes !

Here are some pics showing before and after the paint .. Its much, much brighter in every room now ..

More to come!!! Thanks Sue B. 515-778-5688… Your Gal in Real Estate.





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