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Do you like the new trends in homes? White/Gray vs. more traditional?

Hello Facebook Peeps, 

As a Realtor I see many homes and one questions sticks out in my mind these days.

Do people really like the new look of white cabinets and white counters with gray walls through out the new homes? Or do people still like browns and other colors in their homes which seem to make the homes warmer and less industrial? 

Here are some kitchen pictures, I would love to know your opinion of what colors you like in a kitchen? At the rehab home I am pondering the color scheme so I would love your input.

HGTV is also full of these white kitchens and gray walls through out the home, not sure its my thing. Altho accents are still key of course. Newly constructed homes are totally trending with white cabinets and white quartz counters, I am a huge fan of quartz which are beautiful and it comes in many colors. 

The new white trend is clean looking but I know in my house with all the traffic and family and pets that white would not be great in the long run.

Which kitchen do you prefer ?
























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